To Oversea Participants

This is an important information for your entry in Japan.

Please look at the Web site of Japanese Embassy in your country how you enter Japan.

1) Visa application

At present, all visitors need Visa.

Please answer questions and attach a copy of your passport from here.

59JPS will apply for ERFS with your information and send you the receipt of ERFS.

ERFS (Entrans, Returnees Follow-up System)

Then, you may apply Visa with the receipt of ERFS.

2) In September, regulation has been changed.

For some countries, you can enter Japan without PCR test if you have had three doses of COVID-19 vaccine. If not, I think you need a negative certificate by PCR test within 72 hours.

Please look at the Japanese Embassy Web site carefully. The situation is dependent on the country.

3) Fast Track: Pre-register via MySOS for airport quarantine procedures

This is highly recommended. Please install MySOS in your smart phone.