Past Winners

Year Name (Affiliation) Title
2022 FUTAKI, Shiroh (Kyoto University) Peptides that affect membrane structure and permeability
2020 DAWSON, Philip E. (The Scripps Research Institute) Chemoselectivity in Protein Synthesis
2018 MORODER, Luis (Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry Bioorganic Chemistry) Amino acid chalcogen analogs as tools in peptide and protein research
2016 TAM, James P. (Nanyang Technological University) Discovery, design and synthesis of peptide bioactives
2014 SUGA, Hiroaki (The University of Tokyo) A RaPID Way to Discover Bioactive Natural Product-like Peptides
2012 KESSLER, Horst (Technische Universität München) Molecular Imaging by Peptides and Peptidomimetics
2010 KENT, Stephen B.H. (University of Chicago) Mirror Image Proteins: the Natural World Reinvented Using Chemistry
2008 KISO, Yoshiaki (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University) Defying difficult diseases: Peptide chemistry in medicinal science
2006 MARTINEZ, Jean (Université Montpellier I et II) Thirty years of research with gastrointestinal neuropeptides: From gastrin/cholecystokinin to ghrelin
2004 TREGEAR, Geoffrey (Howard Florey Institute, Melbourne) New relaxin peptides: Structure and biological function
2002 SHIMONISHI, Yasutsugu (Osaka University) Mass spectrometry of peptides and proteins in the post-genome era
2000 JUNG, Gunther (University of Tuebingen) From MHC ligand motifs to T-cell antagonists and synthetic vaccines